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ish take i▓ts place. “My God! thou wilt spare o●ne,” fell on the hushed air, “my fir●stborn, first-loved, my beautiful ●Helon! I had thought to look on hi

m again,

but ●I






bless thee that thou hast refused my pray●er.Bless him, oh, bless him, Fath▓er! my own bright boy!”

Was● it her own low sob she heard, or its ●echo, that she so started even from so m▓uch grief and looked fearfully round ●There seemed a shadow between the window and▓ the faint moonlight, but ere s●he could trace it to a human form ●it had gone. The morn


the synagogue▓.Divine service commenced, proce●eded, and was concluded without in▓terruption.Scarcely, however, had ●they reached the outer court to return to


t▓heir homes, than fearful shou●ts smote the ear, waxing louder●, hoarser, more terrible with every passing ●moment.On came the infuriated crowd, a dark imp●en

ssing—to Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing.
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rfully illumined with bla●zing torches held aloft; blades gleaming in th▓e red flame; clubs, axes, pitchfork

s, every wea●pon that first came to hand.On th?/p>

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馿y came, wrought into yet wi▓lder frenzy, yet deeper thirst for huma▓n blood, by their own mad shout▓s, an

d the lurid flames that,▓ as they rushed down t

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he Jewis●h quarter, marked their progress.▓ And how stood their victims So firm▓, so motionless in the shad

ow of their house● of prayer, that even the wil

d mob, when

th●ey first

beheld them

, fell back

a mome▓nt p


med in a com

pact square,

woma▓n, ch

ildren, and

tottering ag

e in the ce?/p>

駈tre, youth

and manhood

stood ●aro

und, with ar

ms folded an

d head erect

; no●t a li

mb, not a mu

scle moved;

●not a soun

d broke fort

h, even when

their fie▓

ndish foes p

oured down a

nd faced the

m.● It was

an awful pau

clasp hands once mor●e with
those loved companions of h
is ch●ildhood, now sprung int
o sweet blooming you●th—he d
ared not follow feelin▓g?/span>
痵 impulse.Better his own he
artsic●k yearning, the agon
ized throb of human love● a
nd human fear, than the
mom●entary bliss of m
eeting, to part a▓gain fo
r ever. He had seen
t▓he burst of terror,
of the wild ●clingi
ng to life, even such li
fe as their▓s, natura
l to youth, soothed by a m
other●’s prayer.He had s
een them twine hand in
ha●nd with hers, and
lift their bright hea
ds to● heaven in that m
eek, enduring constanc
y,● the undying attribu
te of persecuted Israe●
l; and then the mother w
as alone, and the wat?/span>
馽her beheld the cal
m a brief whi●le give
way, and natural angu
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